New Things to Come – S2-DE20

Lady V’s Devotional Episode 

The LORD said: “Forget what happened long ago! Don’t think about the past. I am creating something new. There it is! Do you see it? I have put roads in deserts, streams in thirsty lands.” 

Isaiah 43:18-19, CEV 

Photo of a sticky note with the words Change is Coming representing New Things to Come when one let's go of the past.


We all have a past. And past mistakes and bad decisions can hold us captive. And much like the children of Israel, those former things tag along for the ride as we travel into what’s next. So, it can keep us going in circles. 

In fact, it’s those mistakes of the past that can hinder us from seeing what lies ahead—something new

Thus, God wants us to forget past mistakes, and look to those new mercies which are available each morning. And not only that, He is working on something new.  

For that reason, we must let go of the chains that have bound us to our failures. Our failures do not dictate who we are, but they can keep us from seeing what God is doing. 

God is making a way where it seems there is no way. And God is providing when it looks like there’s lack. 

Open your eyes! 

A job lost—means you’re free for God to position you somewhere better where you will prosper. 

A failed relationship—means God can order the steps of the “right” one to grace your path. 

As well as, a relocation of where you live—mean God can upgrade you to something better. It’s all in how you view what’s ahead. But you can’t see what’s ahead while rehearsing what’s behind. Open your eyes! God is doing something new

Beloved, whatever you’ve faced in life that has kept you bound, let it go and let God give you His best.  God’s best is always perfectly prepared for success. The works of His hands are a masterpiece.  

And, GOD has done things that have never been done before! He makes all things new! 

Have faith in God! Only Jesus IS LORD!  

Grace and Peace to you! 

Lady V 

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