When Suffering Meets Healing

Suddenly, a woman came from behind Jesus and touched the tassel of his prayer shawl for healing. She had been suffering from continual bleeding for twelve years, but had faith that Jesus could heal her. For she kept saying to herself, “If I could only touch his prayer shawl I would be healed.”

Just then Jesus turned around and looked at her and said, “My daughter, be encouraged. Your faith has healed you.” And instantly she was healed! 

Matthew 9:20-22, TPT 


Many can relate to the story of the woman with the issue of blood. She had a bleeding disorder that baffled doctors. Hence, none could figure out exactly how to treat her. So, the woman went through countless procedures to no avail. As a result, she was getting worse and not better.  

She had grown tired of multiple appointments with one specialist after another. And still, there was no cure in sight. After many years without answers and numerous dollars spent—she was at her wits end. The money had run out, and there wasn’t any medical insurance available.  

Undoubtedly, she needed a miracle. Because, she wanted a normal life, free from illness, and the stress it caused. Suddenly, her moment had come—Jesus is near!  The town’s people whispered of the healings that took place in his presence. Indeed, her heart must have raced at the hearing of the Man named Jesus coming through town.

As the crowds surrounded him, it looked more difficult to get close to him. But, she must have thought– it’s now or never! If she could get close enough to touch the hem of the garment he was wearing the healing would surely come. I have nothing to lose!  

She believed in Jesus and her faith in him put her in receiving mode. So, she got down low enough to reach through all of the people that were surrounding Jesus. Even though she was afraid, she took a chance and stretched out her arm and touched the hem. Instantly, everything changed!  

She received her long-awaited miracle in an instant. The bleeding had stopped! That day—suffering met healing. Her faith in Jesus guaranteed her VICTORY! The woman’s faith took the healing that grace had made available.  

Beloved, when things look impossible Jesus can rewrite your story. Jesus can restore you and give you a new beginning. He is grace!  Remember to have faith in Jesus and—Only BELIEVE

Have faith in God! 

Grace and Peace to you, 

-Lady V 

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